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Reserve a Company Name in Denmark

Reserve a Company Name in Denmark

Reserve-a-Company-Name-in-Denmark.jpgWhen you start a business in Denmark you must pay close attention to the registration requirements and the conditions for doing business, especially on a temporary basis.

Companies in Denmark need to have a registered name and to be registered with the Danish authorities. The company name can be reserved under certain circumstance. In order to register a company in Denmark, investors will need to submit a unique name for registration and provide the needed documents for company formation. 

The importance of the company name in Denmark

The Danish company’s name must be a unique one and not infringe existing company names. For most business types, it will contain the initials of the type of company, such as ApS for the private limited company.

The name of the company does not have to be in Danish or translated into Danish. The most important requirement is that it is original. Our company formation agents in Denmark offer you a company name check solution so that you may find out beforehand if another company with the same name is registered with the Danish authorities. Furthermore, we can provide name reservation services, along with the complete solutions to open a Danish company.

How to reserve the company name in Denmark

Reserving the company name is done prior to submitting the company registration documents and required forms. This is a preliminary step if the investor wishes to make sure that the desired name is available. This step is simplified if you choose to check the name and make the reservation with the help of one of our company formation specialists in Denmark. One of our agents can prepare the document needed for the name reservation and prepare the additional ones needed to subsequently register that chosen name with the Central Business Register.

Foreign companies, such as branches in Denmark are required to have the same name as the company abroad. The name of the foreign company also needs to be checked with the Danish authorities.

Other requirements for Danish companies

Other requirements for legal entities in Denmark include registering for tax purposes and following the applicable accounting and reporting rules. 

In order to open a company in Denmark, you can contact our experts for assistance with name reservation and company registration.