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The Company Act in Denmark

The Company Act in Denmark

Characteristics of the Company Act in Denmark

Before opening a company in Denmark, you should know some basic aspects about the Company Act. The Company Act in Denmark is mainly based on the European Directives. As a matter of fact, the company law in Denmark is known for its flexibility and its freedom of organisation. The only version of the company act in Denmark that can be applied is the one published in the Official Law Gazette. The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency is the main institution that regulates companies in Denmark. The DCCA deals with a periodic review of the Company Act in Denmark. This institution falls under the authority of the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs in this country.

A part of the Company Act in Denmark deals with private companies. These structures are regulated by the Act 378 of 22 May 1996, consolidated in 7 May 2000. Other types of companies regulated by the company act in Denmark are the public limited company, limited partnerships, partnerships limited by shares, co-operative limited companies, commercial foundations or European companies.

It is mandatory for all types of companies to register with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, according to the Company Act. The company law also allows companies to perform the procedure for company registration in Denmark online.

Employment regulations according to the Company Act in Denmark

The employment law in Denmark is tightly related to the Company Act in Denmark. Regulations mainly concern two different types of situations. Labor law in Denmark refers to the salaried employees, as well as the collective agreements. The relationship between employer and employee is also regulated by agreements acknowledged by the employment law in Denmark.

The Danish Act on Salaried Employees mentions the rights of all employees regarding termination process of the contract, payments, absence due to illness or compensation for dismissal. It is the obligation of both the employer and the employee to respect the rules of the employment act, just like it is the obligation of all companies in Denmark to obey the rules of the Company Act.

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