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Manufacturing Food Products in Denmark

Manufacturing Food Products in Denmark

The Danish food production industry is oriented towards organic and sustainable food production practices with a focus on quality and safe processing. The Danish agricultural sector is capable of producing more food than average country consumption, thus many of the produce is destined for exports. 

Investors who are interested in manufacturing food products and want to open a company in Denmark can find out more about the particularities of this business field from one of our experts.

The food manufacturing sector in Denmark

Denmark has an efficient and modern agricultural industry that produces and exports quality products. The country has a growing organic farming market that is seeing a rise in popularity, with items like dairy, eggs and some fruits and vegetables among its most popular products.

Companies in the Danish food industry are known for being part of an innovative food sector and the country is also a cluster for food production research and technology. 

The food and beverages sector is regulated in Denmark. In most cases, activities related to food production, storage and distribution are subject to additional licensing and authorization for the relevant Danish authorities. Food producers are required to apply for a license as a food business operator with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA).

If you want to open a Danish company in the food sector, one of our experts can help you submit the necessary documents for registration with the authorities.

Start your food business in Denmark

Investors in Denmark can choose between several types of companies, according to the size of the new business and the level of investor liability.  All registered companies are assigned a CVR number.

Companies in Denmark must be registered with the authorities at least three days prior to starting their actual business activities. food manufacturing companies are registered with the Danish Business Authority and the Danish Customs and Tax Administration – SKAT – for VAT and tax collection purposes.

You can contact us if you are interested in company formation in Denmark and need more information on how to incorporate a company.