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Virtual Office in Denmark

Virtual Office in Denmark

The virtual office is a physical business address that can be used for company formation in Denmark. This type of service will also include additional, office-related services according to a pre-established fee so that clients can benefit from the usual uses of an office space.

virtual office in Copenhagen or Aarhus, the two largest cities in Denmark, allows business owners to benefit from the presence of a high-profile office with lower costs than when maintaining a traditional office.  

Our company has a vast experience in company registration services in Denmark and can provide all types of virtual office services to suit the business needs of all types of investors in the country.

 Quick Facts  
  Best used for

Small and medium companies
Local and foreign companies
Danish start-up companies

Advantages of a virtual office

Flexible and more cost-efficient, compared to a traditional office space
Suitable to companies in many business fields which are not location-dependent

Registered address option 


Central locations in Copenhagen and other cities in Denmark

Coworking spaces Yes
Individual offices in Denmark


Meeting rooms

 Yes. Available through advance booking

Connectivity High speed Wi-Fi offered at all locations
Facilities   A virtual office in Denmark will typically provide mail and voicemail forwarding services, a receptionist and access to lounge areas and secure parking
Secretary services in Denmark As per the chosen package
Local business telephone Upon request
Rent duration for a virtual office in Denmark Monthly in most cases
Special packages/plans Premium office space, priority access to meeting rooms and other facilities
Approximate costs  Can start at DKK 1,000 per month, depending on location
Change from traditional office to virtual office in Denmark Yes, by notifying the Danish Business Authority of the address change

The advantages of the virtual office

The virtual office is often a preferred solution for small companies or startups. The main reason is that it implies lower costs than a traditional office where entrepreneurs will need to budget the monthly costs for the respective rent, maintenance, repair work, and others. This is not to say that this manner of working is not suitable for large businesses. The decision to work via a virtual office can be just as suitable to a larger company, such as a software development firm, for example, and whose employees are not conditioned to work in a local office all of the time. The company can then work in a virtual office and request office space services as needed. Company formation in Denmark is a simple and straightforward process and, by working via a virtual office, investors will also enjoy a high degree of flexibility and reduced costs.

The list below includes the four main advantages of working via a virtual office in Denmark:

  • Reduced costs: the costs related to working via a virtual office are comparably lower to those needed for the upkeep of a rented or purchased office space.
  • Physical address: the business will not lack a physical address that is needed for company formation and for correspondence. 
  • Complete services: the flexibility of this office is important for some types of companies and clients can choose between various services like mail forwarding, telephone answering and others so that the business has an adequate, professional presence.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses: small and medium-sized businesses, but especially startups in Denmark have the greatest benefits when choosing to work via a virtual office.

Business owners in Denmark may find that one or more of these advantages suit their needs. The decision to operate via a virtual office is one that takes place during the initial company formation states as the address will be required for registration. This is a mandatory condition for locally registered companies, as well as for branches of foreign companies, to maintain a local address in Denmark. This address will appear in the company’s constitutive documents and it will be used for official correspondence as well as for the creation of a bank account as part of the general company registration in Denmark. Our company formation agents can help you open a bank account and also with other corporate services, such as trademark registration in Denmark.

You can also watch a video presented by our team on the main features of the virtual office:

Virtual office package in Denmark

Many companies that offer virtual office services will provide a standard package to which entrepreneurs can ass extra services, as needed to their business. The standard options will be suitable for businesses in all fields. Below, we provide more details about the general package offered by our team of experts in company formation in Denmark. Investors who wish to know more about this package can feel free to reach out to us.

The Virtual Office package provided by CompanyFormationDenmark.com contains:

   1. Business address: a virtual office in Copenhagen or Aarhus that allows the company to keep in touch with the clients in a credible manner;
   2. Registered office: the address of the virtual office is necessary for opening a Danish company – it will serve as the registered address, a function otherwise taken by the traditional rented or purchased office.
   3. Mail collection and forwarding: this service includes the receipt and collection of mail and packages that arive at the address, after which they are forwarded as instructed.  
   4. Incoming and outgoing faxes: local fax number usage as needed as well as fax forwarding.  
   5. A local telephone number: at the location of the office, complete with receptionist services.

This is the standard package offered by our agents who specialize in company formation in Denmark. Business owners may find that they need additional services. In this case, we can also provide the following:

   1. Dedicated fax service: this includes a private and dedicated number;
   2. Call redirecting: in addition to the services already provided, specialized call redirecting to a chosen primary number;
   3. Bank statement collection: if needed, our agents can also help you with this service;
   4. Extra usage office usage: this includes the extra usage of office and meeting room space, as needed.

virtual office provides an important degree of flexibility and can also lead to increased employee productivity because commute times are not mandatory. Employees can work remotely and the team can gather for meetings, as needed. Moreover, when a larger meeting takes place, such as a client meeting, for example, entrepreneurs can request to occupy a meeting room. 

The fees for the virtual office package vary according to the number of offices required and the meeting room reservations. In those months in which entrepreneurs request more extra services, the price per month will be higher. Most companies offer annual packages that will include the standard services and, as per their offer, monthly use of the meeting room space or other offers as required. These annual packages tend to be more advantageous as there will be a certain discount compared to monthly purchases. Nevertheless, investors who are unsure of the number of months they will be spending at the virtual office location can choose a monthly-based subscription instead of a yearly one.

Who can use a virtual office in Denmark

Anyone, including entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to open a company in Denmark without the need for physical office space, can use a virtual office.

New businesses, especially those with limited budgets, can benefit from virtual offices as it is a cost-effective solution for obtaining a business address and administrative services. Individuals running their businesses from home can utilize virtual offices in Denmark to separate their professional and personal lives.

Companies looking to open a Danish company without committing to the costs of a physical office can use virtual offices. This is particularly useful for testing the market before making a full-scale investment.

Overall, a virtual office in Denmark is a solution for all types of companies and entrepreneurs that do not wish to have a physical address, for whatever reason. 

Hiring empoyees for companies with a virtual office in Denmark

It is possible to hire employees for your company, even if you have registreded a virtual office in Denmark as your address. The virtual office is the official address for your company, but you can still hire employees. You can choose individuals who can work remotely from different locations, from their own homes, or from other remote workspaces.

If you have a virtual office in Denmark and wish to employ someone, you can look for candidates with the necessary skills and qualifications for the roles you need to fill. Common virtual office positions include customer support representatives, virtual assistants, content writers, programmers, designers, and various other roles that can be performed online. Hiring employees is not mandatory for company formation in Denmark, but it can be arranged when the business grows and requires an additional workforce.

Are virtual offices in Denmark safe?

Yes, our virtual offices in Denmark are safe and secure. We have secure physical premises to receive and handle your mail and documents to protect sensitive information. Additionally, all our data security measures are in place to protect your personal and business information. Phone systems and email forwarding are encrypted and protect your communications.

Ultimately, our team complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. We can help you set up a virtual office and assist with the procedure of company registration in Denmark.

Main steps for opening a remote company

Remote companies in Denmark are businesses that handle their activities completely online, which can be difficult for some entrepreneurs. However, a big advantage is the fact that these companies can opt for a virtual office in Denmark instead of a traditional one, thus reducing the costs. Here is some general advice about how to open a remote company:

  • Select your virtual office provider. Danish law allows businesses to use a virtual office as their registered address. This means you can choose a virtual office provider in Denmark to fulfill this legal obligation.
  • Have a well-developed business plan that includes your company services/products, competitors, marketing strategies, etc.;
  • Hire employees, if you need additional workforce for your business;
  • Register a domain name that represents your business on the internet;
  • Ensure you and your team have functional laptops and an internet connection;
  • Select tools that might help you and your team with your business activities (invoicing tools, file-sharing apps, instant messaging apps, video conferencing software, etc.)
  • Set working hours to provide structure for remote employees.

These are some key steps and considerations for setting up and managing a business that has a virtual office. Our team can help you with the Danish company formation and with dedicated virtual office services in the country.

Working via a virtual office in Denmark

Investors who decide to work via a virtual office and include the address in their company formation documents should know that the business address can be changed at a later date if they do decide to move to a different location, either in the same city or in another one. Our team of Danish company formation agents can assist investors who are interested in knowing more about these subsequent business changes. An alternative is to switch from an address located at a traditional office space that is rented to a virtual office. This can be motivated by financial purposes, reducing the overall costs of for doing business in Denmark and it can very well suit the needs of the company. If this is the case, our team can help you notify the changes to the Danish Business Authority. 

Statistics about the Danish business sector

The Danish business sector is a developed one. We offer the following statistics as per several business fields, according to Statistics Denmark for the year 2021:

  • The total number of companies in Denmark was 328,445;
  • There were 50,503 enterprise groups;
  • Most companies (148,245) were activating in the trade and transport sector;
  • 19,448 companies were in the information and communication sector;
  • The arts & entertainment sector was estimated at 26,252 companies.

Investors who wish to open a company in Denmark in one of these fields or in other industries, such as arts, entertainment or other services, can reach out to our agents. The virtual office will be suited for some of these business activities and, in certain cases, it can be the optimal solution. Some examples of businesses that can benefit from a virtual office include consulting businesses, accounting companies, startups, software development, web design companies, and even non-profit organizations. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional details about the virtual office services provided by our agents as well as complete assistance for Danish company formation.