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Open a Renewable Energy Company in Denmark

Open a Renewable Energy Company in Denmark

Denmark is one of the world’s leading wind energy producers, with a well-established Government policy for renewable energy production on a national level. The country’s policy includes an ambitious plan to meet the entirety of its energy demand through renewable energy by 2050 and the elimination of coal production by 2030. The rapid development of the industry and the focused policy the country has been following for the past forty years suggests that the country is likely to achieve this objective.

Part of the country’s success in developing these policies has been the excellent collaboration between public and private companies in this field. Denmark has an open economy and foreign investments are encouraged.

Entrepreneurs who want to invest in the renewable energy sector can open a company in Denmark with the help of one of our agents.

The renewable energy sector in Denmark

The use of renewable energy, especially wind power, has long been encouraged and facilitated in Denmark. The country has pioneering policies to help it derive 50% of its total electricity production through wind power, by 2020. Danish companies have long been at the forefront of wind turbine production with more than half of all offshore turbines being manufactured in Denmark. 

Denmark has a welcoming business environment, with excellent infrastructure. Foreign direct investments are encouraged in Denmark, thus foreign entrepreneurs have the same rights as local ones. Moreover, company registration in Denmark is a simple process.

How to open a renewable energy company in Denmark

Investors who want to open a company in Denmark in the renewable energy sector need to follow a few basic steps. These include choosing the business form and an available trade name, preparing the documents, opening a bank account and registering the company with the Danish Business Authority. These types of services are subject to VAT registration in Denmark over a certain annual turnover.

The country’s ambitious renewable energy strategies make Denmark a good location to base a renewable energy business, especially focused on wind power activities.

Investors who want to know more about how to open a Danish company can contact us. We can provide full support and advice during the company formation process in Denmark and for businesses who need additional services in the country.