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Workforce in Denmark

Workforce in Denmark

The workforce in Denmark is considered to be one of the most productive in Europe, with no restrictions to overtime work and an excellent reputation ascribed to the importance of education. The Danish workforce has rendered Denmark a favorite destination for foreign investment.

Here are several key facts about the Danish labor market:
•    Competitive labor costs;
•    Motivated and productive workforce;
•    Low frequency of strikes;
•    Competitive remuneration costs for employees.
If you want to open a Danish company, all these factors can be decisive for the success of your business.  More information about the workforce in Denmark can be offered to you buy our company incorporation experts.

Working habits and business culture in Denmark

Foreign companies operating in Denmark consider the local workforce as highly motivated. Danish employees are self-critical, committed to learn and improve their technical and professional skills. They are perfectly suited for independent work or in project-oriented teams. A high level of education combined with flexibility and independence renders the workforce in Denmark capable of taking on specific tasks and increasing the company`s productivity.

The Danish workforce follows the same general rules laid out by the European Union legislation, which means that certain taxes must be paid by the Danish employeesCompany registration in Denmark can be a successful business decision if you are well informed about the local workforce. Our Danish company formation experts can provide you all the necessary information about the workforce in Denmark.

Advantages offered by the Danish workforce

Once you registered your company in Denmark you are ready to do business. Hiring Danish employees can turn out a very profitable decision. Here are several arguments to support this statement:

•    Language proficiency – Denmark is an internationally oriented country; with 80% of Danish workforce speaking English, the country is rated 3rd on the English Proficiency Index;
•    Recruitment – take advantage of the experience of local recruitment companies when you search employees for your Danish company;
•    Hiring and firing practices – Denmark offers very flexible agreements between employees and employers. The working conditions are very easy to negotiate and this leads to a high degree of consensus in the labor market.

If you want to open a company is this country and need help with registering the employees with workmen`s insurance, don`t hesitate to contact our company formation specialists in Denmark.