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Open a Security Agency in Denmark

Open a Security Agency in Denmark

When choosing to open a security agency in Denmark, business owners will provide a set of services that can be offered to corporate clients but can also extend to other types of clients such as individual and VIP protection. 

Investors who want to open a company in Denmark that offers security services can reach out to one of our agents who specialize in company incorporation. We can help streamline the process by helping investors prepare the needed documents for registration with the Danish Business Authority and the tax authority. 

Danish security companies

security agency in Denmark can offer services to corporate clients but also to individuals who need solutions to protect their homes (for this purpose, offering immediate alarm response for private properties). Some of the services that can be provided by these types of companies in Denmark include the following:

  • – security guards services: this service is commonly offered by many security agencies and it includes manned security services for commercial as well as private properties.
  • – mobile patrols: guards who patrol a certain unit or commercial property for which a single fixed security point is insufficient.
  • – maritime security: services tailored to the needs of Danish companies operating in the maritime industry.
  • – retail security: an important nice for a security agency, includes those manned guarding services for companies operating in the wholesale sector, the food industry as well as large retail chains.
  • – alarm response: an extra protective service for clients who need to ensure that a trained security team arrives at the premises in potentially dangerous situations.

Danish security companies can provide non-stop service to those clients who are in need of specialized protection or those who have also requested an alarm response service. Moreover, additional service can include key holding, meaning that the business will entrust the premises keys to a security agency, especially when this is a recommended security step as opposed to maintaining the keys internally.

Companies in the security services sector can offer their services to clients that need both uniformed and non-uniformed security guards. Some businesses may benefit from having the presence of uniformed guards at their site, for example for a construction site, while others will wish to maintain a discrete security presence. Meeting the needs of the clients and adjusting the security services is an issue that needs to be addressed by entrepreneurs in Denmark who open this type of business.

A different sector for security companies includes manufacturing, with the companies that are engaged in the production and installation of security and surveillance technology. This is a separate field in the line of security, however, clients will use services from both sub-sectors: manned security services as well as surveillance cameras and software.

Open a company in Denmark that offers security services

Security agencies in Denmark are required to observe the rules for incorporation, taxation, and reporting but also for appropriate staffing. This means that they will employ individuals who have been authorized to work as a security guard. This is a process that includes a training process that is carried out across several centers in the country. The training is relevant for a security guard as some of the needed skills for employment can include those related to operating alarm systems, guest screening and access control screening as well as special intervention skills and other security-related tasks. Hiring qualified staff is important for a business in the security industry in order to remain competitive and provide quality services, especially when working with large corporate clients.

The process of company formation in Denmark for the purpose of opening a security agency includes a few key steps and it is generally easy to follow even for foreign investors in the country. The main steps are highlighted below:

  1. choose the type of business entity: the ApS is the Danish equivalent of the private limited liability company and it is widely used by local and foreign investors; it is also recommended for opening a security agency.
  2. register the new business: each new company needs to be registered with the Danish Business Authority and contains a central company registration number.
  3. register for tax purposes: the SKAT is the Danish tax administration responsible for the collection of taxes and it is also the authority with which companies register for VAT purposes if they are required to do so (when the annual revenue is more than 50,000 DKK).
  4. hire employees: the company can now hire the security staff, as mentioned above, with the needed authorization to perform in this line of work. 

Registering the trademark in Denmark for the new security company is reccomended. 

One of our Danish company formation agents can give you more detailed information about each of the steps described above. Contact us for more details on how to open a security agency.