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Invest in Denmark

Invest in Denmark

Denmark is one of the most competitive economies in the EU, as well as the entire world at the moment. A huge supporter of free trade, favored by vast natural resources and highly developed infrastructure, it is naturally considered a favorite destination for foreign investment.  

If you want to invest in Denmark, it is worth taking into consideration that the Danish government is invested in minimizing bureaucracy and that corruption is almost unheard of in this country. Moreover, the country has one of the most flexible labor markets in the world, as well as highly qualified workforce. Our experts in company registration in Denmark can offer you more details about the advantages of investing in this jurisdiction.

Denmark’s key investment areas

The most developed sectors in Denmark are service, industry, and agriculture, and there is great investment opportunity in all three. Alongside these, sectors worth investing in would be:

  • – the Maritime and Renewable Energy sector, also known as Cleantech- since Denmark intends to rely solely on renewable energy sources by 2050.
  • – Life Sciences – the current investments in biotech being the second largest in Europe at the moment.
  • – Information and Communication Technology (ICT), thanks to one of the world’s most innovative talent pool and world-class capabilities, with the main areas being robotics, sound, wireless, and mobile technologies, as well as software development.
  • – Design – Denmark is renowned for its products and architecture, with a focus on innovation. 

Our company formation experts in Denmark have helped many foreigners invest in Denmark by starting their businesses in this country. No matter the industry you choose to invest in, our local agents are ready to take care of the entire company registration procedure and help you start your business activities as soon as possible.

Danish flexicurity

Thanks to Denmark’s well established government investing in social welfare, the country has one of the most flexible hiring and firing legislation in the world, as well as one of the best public sector services in the world. Moreover, the high quality of life, expressed in Denmark being voted the happiest country in the world, coupled with competitive salaries for management positions, are further incentives to open a company in Denmark

Foreign investment 

The Danish foreign policy leans towards reduction of trade barriers and foreign investment is highly encouraged in Denmark. It is considered to be one of the least discriminative and open of policies among all European countries by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). As such, foreign investors have the same rights as domestic ones. 

Reasons to invest in Denmark

Denmark has much to offer to foreign investors. Apart from its great tech infrastructure, the country has good access to countries throughout the European Union and it is a preferred location for regional headquarters in northern Europe. Its workforce is highly educated and bilingual.

Apart from the technology and ICT industry, other key sectors include life sciences, food manufacturing and selling, maritime shipping and other transport and logistics services or design (with various possibilities, from product design to building design).

First-time investors in Denmark can request the help of an expert in company incorporation.

Our agents who specialize in company formation in Denmark can answer your questions about the requirements applicable to various Danish business sectors and the general conditions for opening and managing a company. If you decided to invest in Denmark, our team is at your disposal.

The digital growth strategy in Denmark 

Denmark is and should remain one of the top digital hubs in Europe. This is the motivation behind the Government’s Digital Growth Strategy which was recently presented to the public and includes more than 30 initiatives to encourage digitalization and companies operating in this business field. Investors who open a company in Denmark and are involved in the new technology sector as well as in other fields can benefit from this Strategy.

Initiatives for companies in Denmark 

The strategy presented by the Government contains a total of 38 initiatives, most of which target the business environment while some are also concerned with early digital adoption, like the measure to introduce computational thinking in elementary school.

The top initiatives for companies in Denmark include:

  • – a digital hub and a platform that will facilitate company access to talented employees for emerging digital technology jobs;
  • – a new, more developed regulation for opportunities to test new business models;
  • – digital solutions for companies for the purpose of reporting cybersecurity incidents.

The new Digital Growth Strategy is also important in terms of creating opportunities for foreign investments in Denmark. Foreign companies interested in participating in the development of digital solutions and co-innovation will be able to explore the various opportunities for investments in the country. Examples include opportunities in specialized fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics and others. 

One of our agents who can give you complete information about the conditions for investment for foreign entrepreneurs and can help you invest in Denmark.

Denmark, already at the forefront of digital adoption in the EU

Denmark already has a preferential position in Europe in terms of technological advancements and the adoption of digital solutions in its economy and society. This is reflected in the fact that many administrative procedures have already been digitized. The new strategy is thought to help stimulate companies to take the necessary and beneficial steps towards digitization, at the same time creating real opportunities for local and foreign tech companies to assist in this digitization process.

Denmark’s Rankings and Awards

Denmark is a great country both for living and for doing business. This affirmation is supported by a large number of world ranking and awards received by the country in terms of quality of life, resident happiness, ease of doing business and business innovation. Our company formation agents in Denmark talk about some of these awards that have been received in recent years.

Copenhagen, great for doing business and a digital city

Denmark maintains a constant position among the top ranking in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business in Europe. Last year, the country was ranked first in Europe and third at a global level. What’s more, Copenhagen was also included in a list with some of the smartest cities in Europe, due to its high rate of digitization and the high level of smartphone use among its citizens. 

Businessmen who would like to invest in Denmark should know that our team of can help them with additional details about the conditions for doing business here.

Denmark, an innovative country

In terms of innovation, Denmark scores well in Europe and this is shown by a large number of patent applications. in 2017, the country was ranked third in Europe according to the number of patent applications per relative country population.

One of our agents can give you more details about the IP rights and laws in Denmark. 

If all this combined sounds attractive and you decided to invest in Denmark, please contact us to begin the company registration procedure in Denmark. We are ready to help you set up any  type of Danish company.